Heavy Duty Roller Shutters

Our heavy duty roller shutters are manufactured from galvanized steel lath to provide a high level of security and protection from burglary and vandalism. Closed shutters are employed in locations where security requirements are the priority, the design and construction of the shutters are a significant deterrent to burglars and include tamper proof locks and key switches.

Elite Industries - Heavy Duty  Roller Shutters

Lightweight Roller Shutters

Our lightweight shutters are manufactured from Aluminium to create a light but durable double-skinned shutter filled with fibreglass foam for protection against various temperatures, these shutters can be manufactured up to 6 meters in length and are available in various different colours to suit your own personnel needs. Lightweight shutters are normally used as window protection for your home / business.

Elite Industries - Lightweight Roller Shutters

Retractable Lattice Gates

Elite Industries retractable lattice gates offer exceptional visible security as well as acting as an effective deterrent. Custom built to suit the opening with either a face fixing or reveal fixing and can be top hung with a removable bottom guide to provide a clear walkway. Supplied in white powder coat finish as standard, retractable gates can be coloured to any colour on the RAL colour chart.

Elite Industries - Lattice Gates