Cantilever Gates

Elite Industries cantilever gates can be installed to almost any opening to provide high security to an area or entrance, these type of cantilever gates do not need a tract across the opening to run on and are available up to 25m wide. All our gates come complete with high security locking devices such as automated drives and magnetic locks.

Elite Industries - Cantilever Gates

Bi-Folding Gates

Our high speed Bi folding gates are available in single or double leaf operation and is designed to offer a swift and secure form of entrance control, our gates have the latest safety features including buffers and high level beams to ensure total safety, Elite have installed various sets of these gates across the Metropolitan Police force in London cause of their speed of opening and closing during emergency calls. A must have to secure your premises quickly.

Elite Industries - Bi-Fold Gate

Residential Gates

We also provide outstanding residential gates that transform the look of your driveway, Constructed to any design you require, your gates can be manual or automated using either underground operators or hydraulic rams and also come complete with the latest safety devices to protect you and others from harm.

Elite Industries - Residential Gates